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No Selling. No Pressure. Just Kindness.


What are the Dates Fundraiser Kick-off Assembly: 

                                   Fundraiser End Date: 

                                   End Event Party: 



Student Instructions: Please select the below button for the Boyer Elementary Student Instructions to help Register, Select Acts of Kindness (AOK), and Add Emails.

 Student Instructions


Student Incentives: Please select the below button for the Boyer Elementary Incentives. 


Student Incentives




What is Raise Craze? Raise Craze is an online fundraising platform fueled by acts of kindness.

This unique concept is breaking down the barriers of the traditional fundraiser and putting kindness back into our culture. To learn more about Raise Craze, please click this link and you will be redirected to their main page: https://raisecraze.com/


How is Money Raised? Students ask for friends and family to donate towards Boyer Elementary PTO. Then students pay their kindness forward by completing Acts of Kindness for others: picking up trash, writing Thank You letters to First Responders,  etc. - no act of kindness is too small.


What % of Donations Are kept for enrichment of Boyer Elementary? At minimum Boyer will receive 90% of all donations.


How are Donations Collected? Each child that opts to participate will have a personal donation link so that supporters can make donations in their name. 


Where Do We Sign Up? Additional details will be sent out by Boyer PTO. 



Parking Spot Winners

For the month of August

Besty Clark & Jill Dowd



Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events



We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity

Kelly Layton at Usborne Books 

Stephanie Schofield at Vitalize IV Therapy  

Sponsored our Kinder Welcome Gift:



For a full list of the Boyer Elementary PTO Sponsors, please click here 


To learn how to become a Sponsor, please click here 

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