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Welcome to WATCH D.O.G.S.!


Thank you for your interest in the Boyer Elementary Watch D.O.G.S. Program!
The students and faculty at Boyer are excited to have you participate in their school day!


To get started, follow the 3 steps below.
The steps are simple but they do take a few minutes to complete.


All Watch D.O.G.S. are required to have a background check on file with the District.  This must be renewed each year and must be on file before you arrive.  Click here to complete your check!

When completed, you'll only be notified if there is a problem.  Wait at least one week before checking with the school front office to confirm you are clear.


Boyer Elementary requires that all Watch D.O.G.S. "on-duty" wear official Watch D.O.G.S. gear so they are easily identified when on school property.  Purchase your gear today at the Official Dogstore!


Now that you have your background check complete and your Watch D.O.G.S. gear purchased -





Questions about
Watch D.O.G.S?

Send them to boyerwatchdogs@gmail.com















The Watch D.O.G.S. Program is a family and community engagement program utilizing the positive influence of fathers and father-figures for a two-fold purpose:
(1) To provide positive male role models for the students, demonstrating by their presence that education is important.
(2) To provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce bullying.




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Stephanie Schofield at Vitalize IV Therapy  

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